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Sun, 24 Oct, 2021
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Helping Your Child Get Ready for School: Part 1

Itís good that children ask questions: thatís the best way to learn. All children have two wonderful resources for learning - imagination and curiosity. As a parent, you can awaken your children to the joy of learning by encouraging their imagination and curiosity. Teaching and learning are not mysteries that can only happen in school. They also happen when parents and children do simple things together.

For instance, you and your child can:
  • sort the socks on laundry day - sorting is a major function in maths and science
  • cook a meal together - cooking involves not only maths and science but good health as well
  • tell and read each other stories--storytelling is the basis for reading and writing

By doing things together, you will show that learning is fun and important. You will be encouraging your child to study, learn, and stay in school.

Learning Begins Early
The road to success in school begins early. Good health, loving relationships, and opportunities to learn all help preschool children do well later in life. But many parents wonder, 'How can I give these things to my child?'. Throughout the preschool years, you can do many simple things to help your child grow, develop, and have fun learning.

As you go about helping your child develop, remember;
  • Children develop at different rates, and
  • Most children are stronger in some areas than in others.

Remember, too, that being ready for school depends partly on what the school expects. One school may think itís very important for children to sit quietly and know the alphabet. Another may believe itís more important for children to get along well with others.

Children who match the schoolís expectations may be considered better prepared. You may want to visit your childís school to learn what the head teacher and teachers expect and discuss any areas of disagreement.

While schools may have different priorities, most educators agree that the following areas are important for success.

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