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Thu, 21 Nov, 2019
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Helping Your Child Learn Geography: Part 4

Notice How You Adapt to Your Surroundings
People donít always change their environment. Sometimes they are shaped by it. Often people must build roads around mountains. They must build bridges over rivers. They construct storm walls to keep the ocean from sweeping over beaches. In some countries, people near coasts build their houses on stilts to protect them from storm tides or periodic floods.
  • Go camping. It is easy to understand why we wear long trousers and shoes when there are rocks and brambles on the ground, and to realise the importance to early settlers of being near water when you no longer have the convenience of a tap to get water from.
  • If you go to a park, try to attend the nature shows that many parks provide. You and your children may learn about the local plants and wildlife and how the natural features have changed over time.

Movement: People Interacting on the Earth
People are scattered unevenly over the Earth. How do they get from one place to another? What are the patterns of movement of people, products, and information ? Regardless of where we live, we rely upon each other for goods, services, and information. In fact, most people interact with other places almost every day. We depend on other places for the food, clothes, and even items like the pencil and paper our children use in school. We also share information with each other using telephones, newspapers, radio, and television to bridge the distances.

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