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Sun, 04 Dec, 2022
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Work may mean:
  • Mechanical work, defined in physics as the integral of dot product of force times infinitesimal translation:
W = int mathbf{F} cdot mathrm{d}mathbf{s}
  • Work (thermodynamics), a measure of the amount of mechanical work that can be extracted from a system as determined, typically, via free energy calculations.
  • In the context of career, "work" refers to a wide range of paid and unpaid productive activities, including full-time, part-time, casual and fixed-term employment, family responsibilities, voluntary and community service, education including school, further education and training, and cultural activities.
  • Manual labour, effort expended by people on productive activities in the home, school, or employment, or, by extension, one's place of employment or employer.
  • Work (project management), the effort applied to produce a deliverable or accomplish a task.
  • Work (fine arts), a creation, such as a song or a painting.
  • Work (professional wrestling), a staged event – that is, one that enforces kayfabe. The term originates from "working a crowd."
  • Work (Charlie Chaplin film), a 1915 Charlie Chaplin silent film co-starring Edna Purviance.
  • In the context of spiritual development, "The Work" (generally capitalized) refers, in general, to "any way, school, or method that recognizes the fact of suffering and the cause of unnecessary suffering and works to lead a person back to his true nature, which will eliminate the unnecessary suffering." ( A. H. Almaas, Diamond Heart-Book One, p. 32) Specific spiritual schools, such as the The Fourth Way, often refer to their own method of development as "The Work."
  • In the context of textile arts, "work" may refer to any type of hand sewing or embroidery, as in needlework, Berlin wool work, blackwork, work basket, worked buttons.
  • Work, a painting by Ford Madox Brown.
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