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Sun, 03 Dec, 2023
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Train strikes: When are the walkouts in December?
Train drivers are holding rolling walkouts in December in a long-running row over pay and conditions.
Baby formula soaring costs: 'I struggle, but I won't buy a cheaper brand'
Why struggling parents aren't choosing cheaper brands when it comes to infant formula milk.
Could X go bankrupt under Elon Musk?
Musk's profane attack on advertisers baffled experts - without adverts, how would X survive?
Digital pound plans should proceed with caution, say MPs
The benefits of a digital pound are unclear but the government should keep exploring it, say MPs.
Bankruptcy 'opportunity' after student loan crisis
Changes in the US are enticing more people to file bankruptcy to clear their student loans.

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Thousands of Starbucks workers strike on Red Cup Day
Employees staged the walkout on one of the store's busiest days of the year, when it gives away reusable holiday cups.
Ros Atkins on… How the HS2 plan changed over the years
The BBC’s analysis editor looks at the delays, spiralling costs and cuts affecting the proposed high speed rail line.
Rupert Murdoch's media empire through the years
He built one of the world's most powerful media empires - here are some of his biggest acquisitions.
Interest rate and mortgages: What you can do about rising payments
Watch the BBC's Lora Jones tell you five things you can do about your mortgage, in a minute.

More Business News
Train strikes: Drivers vote to continue walkouts
Bank branch closures hits Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's constituency
House prices edge up as hopes rise of lower mortgage rates
Energy saving scheme: What is the Demand Flexibility Service?
US aims to limit China's role in electric cars
Sir James Dyson loses libel claim against Daily Mirror publisher
Wilko: First new stores reopen in Devon
'Sued by my abuser for millions, I set up a social network instead'
Will Tesla's cybertruck recover from its shattering start?

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