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Thu, 21 Nov, 2019
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Helping Your Child Learn Geography: Part 5

Geography is a way of thinking, of asking questions, of observing and appreciating the world around us. You can help your children learn by providing interesting activities for them, and by prompting them to ask questions about their surroundings.

Set a good example, and help your children build precise mental images, by always using correct terms. Say, 'We are going north to York to visit Grandma, or west to Wales to see Uncle John,' rather than 'up to York' or 'down to Wales.' Use words such as motorway, desert, river, climate, and glacier; and explain concepts like city, county, and continent.

Many of the words used in geography are everyday words. But, like any other field of learning, geography has a language of its own. Some terms and their meanings can be found on the following page.

Expose children to lots of maps and let them see you using them. Get a good atlas as well as a dictionary. Atlases help us ask, and answer, questions about places and their relationships with other areas.

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