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Sun, 24 Oct, 2021
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In order to play most of the games, you need to have a number of plug-ins installed on your computer. The games usually work fine on a PC running Windows.

Here is a list of the plug-ins required;

3 Foot Ninja
Battle your way through the streets, to rescue the scrolls, and remember the way of the ninja!
One of the best battle games ever made - you compete head to head with the computer, and try and take out each other's fleet of ships
Bush Shoot Out
Escape from the white house, and takeout any terrorists on the way
Cannon Blast
Defeat the invading Armada, by firing cannonballs and sinking all of the enemy ships
Canyon Glider
As a glider, you like to glide across big canyons, try and get as many points as you can, land on the target, while dodging the vultures
Crypt Raider
Help Dr Carter move artefacts in this action packed game
Cube Buster
Stop the cubes from reaching the top of the game, the more groups you get, the greater your score!
Eat all the points, but beware of the ghosts! And do look out for those little cherries!
Galactic Warrior
As you journey through the galaxy, aliens turn on you, it is your duty to save the galaxy from this new threat
Master Solitaire
All you have to do is get all the cards in their correct deck - sound simple? Try it and find out!
Mission Mars
Destroy all of the alien towers, so that you can conquer the planet of Mars
A brilliant arcade game - where you have to collect all of the bombs to proceed onto the next level, and remember to look out for the baddies!
Rocket Man
You take the role as rocket man - whom has just lost his lover to his arch enemy. So basically, all you have to do is rescue her
Rural Racer
A one or two player game - all you have to do is drive around a circuit, complete the required number of laps, and if you win - you win!
Santa Ski Jump
Help Santa to collect enough stars to proceed onto the next level of the game
Get the sheep across the road and the river into their pens
Tennis Ace
A great tennis game, with three difficulty levels. Try and bet the computer in three straight games!
The popular game - where you have to clear as many lines as possible - how long can you hold out for?
Wake Boarding XS
Do tricks on the open see, the more air you get - the more points you get
You take on the role as Zed, in this great platform game. Collect the gold and head straight for the doors - whilst picking up energy on the way
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