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Tue, 25 Jun, 2019
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Sudoku: Medium Puzzles

For those of you who have got to grips with the concept of Sudoku, the medium puzzles are here. We have put together a selection of 20 different puzzles (and their solutions) to get you going

Medium Puzzle 1
Medium Puzzle 2
Medium Puzzle 3
Medium Puzzle 4
Medium Puzzle 5
Medium Puzzle 6
Medium Puzzle 7
Medium Puzzle 8
Medium Puzzle 9
Medium Puzzle 10
Medium Puzzle 11
Medium Puzzle 12
Medium Puzzle 13
Medium Puzzle 14
Medium Puzzle 15
Medium Puzzle 16
Medium Puzzle 17
Medium Puzzle 18
Medium Puzzle 19
Medium Puzzle 20

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If you enjoyed this puzzle, try new puzzles in one of these books;
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The Sudoku Book: 101 Devilishly Difficult Puzzles with Target Times
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