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Fri, 19 Aug, 2022
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This is a list of the first man/woman/animal/object etc., to do something or the first occurrence of an event.

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Science and Phenomena
Law and Order

Exploration - Contents

  • First people to reach the South Pole: Roald Amundsen and his party - Olav Bjaaland, Helmer Hanssen, Sverre Hassel, and Oscar Wisting. December 14, 1911
  • First (and only, as of 2005) people to reach the deepest point on the surface of the earth, the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench, Pacific Ocean: Jacques Piccard and Lieutenant Don Walsh on the Bathyscaphe Trieste. January 23, 1960
  • First people to scale K2, the world's second-highest peak: Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni of the party led by Ardito Desio and Mario Puchoz. July 29, 1954

Geographic North Pole
  • First (disputed) expedition to the geographic North Pole: Robert Edwin Peary and his employee Matthew Henson and four Inuit men Ootah, Seegloo, Egingway, and Ooqueah. April 9, 1909
  • First people to sight it: Roald Amundsen and his sponsor Lincoln Ellsworth from an aircraft piloted by Umberto Nobile, between 11 May and 13 May 1926
  • First people to reach it: Lt. Col. Joseph O. Fletcher and Lt. William P. Benedict landed their plane. May 3, 1952

Mount Everest
  • First recorded deaths on Mount Everest: 7 Sherpas die in avalanche in 1922
  • First successful summit (via the South-East Ridge Route) Tenzing Norgay & Sir Edmund Hillary 29 May 1953
  • First successful summit via the North Ridge by a Chinese team on 25 May 1960
  • First American to reach summit James Whittaker in 1963
  • First ascent of the West Ridge on 22 May 1963 Willi Unsoeld and Tom Hornbein. Also the first traverse of the South East Ridge
  • First person to summit Everest twice: Nawang Gombu Sherpa ( 20 May 1965)
  • First woman to summit is Junko Tabei of Japan ( 16 May 1975) via the South-East Ridge
  • First woman to summit from the North (Tibettan) side is a Tibbettan woman named Phantog
  • First summit from the South West face on 24 September 1975 are Dougal Haston and Doug Scott
  • First Ascent without bottled oxygen is by Peter Habeler (Austria) and Reinhold Messner (Italy) ( 8 May 1978)
  • First European woman and the third woman to summit Everest: Wanda Rutkiewicz
  • First woman to die on Everest: Hannelore Schmatz, after becoming the 4th woman to summit Everest
  • First Winter ascent is by Krzysztof Wielicki of Poland ( 17 February 1980)
  • First Indian woman to reach the summit was Bachendri Pal ( 23 May 1984)
  • First woman to climb without oxygen was Lydia Bradey of New Zealand ( 14 November 1988)
  • First true ski descent by Davo Karničar of Slovenia ( 7 October 2000)
  • First snowboard descent by Marco Siffredi
  • First blind person to Summit Everest is Erik Weihenmayer (2000)

Leaders - Contents

  • First Emperor of Rome: Augustus (ca. 27 BC)
  • First Christian Monarch of Sweden: Olof Skötkonung ( 995)
  • First President of the United States: George Washington. ( 1789)
  • First US President to reside in the White House: John Adams ( 1797)
  • First President of Chile: Manuel Blanco Encalada. ( 1826)
  • First female elected President of Chile: Michelle Bachelet ( 2006)
  • First Prime Minister of Sweden: Louis De Geer ( 1876)
  • First Canadian-born Governor General of Canada: Vincent Massey ( 1952)
  • First French-Canadian Governor General of Canada: Georges Vanier
  • First female Governor General of Canada: Jeanne Sauvé
  • First Prime Minister of Canada: Sir John A. Macdonald ( 1867)
  • First French-Canadian Prime Minister of Canada (after Confederation): Wilfrid Laurier
  • First female Prime Minister of Canada: Kim Campbell
  • First elected female premier: Sirimavo Bandaranaike, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. ( 1960)
  • First female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom: Margaret Thatcher. ( 1979)
  • First African-American elected governor of a U.S. state: Douglas Wilder of Virginia ( 1989)
  • First President of Slovenia: Milan Kučan. ( 1990)
  • First black President of South Africa: Nelson Mandela. ( 1994)
  • First Prime Minister of Australia: Edmund Barton 1901
  • World's first female President: Isabel Peron
  • First African elected female head of state: Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf as President of Liberia ( 16 January 2006)
  • First democratically elected female head of state: Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, President of Iceland

Science and Phenomena - Contents

  • First animal found on earth: The oldest animal fossil found is from 600 million years ago during the Precambrian period. They were "soft, cup-shaped animals that lived on a muddy sea floor" [1].
  • First international scientific collaboration: Observation of the transit of Venus 1761 and 1769
  • First telecommunications system: Claude Chappe's semaphore lines. Between Paris and Lille in 1792
  • First traffic lights installed (gas lamp) : outside Houses of Parliament, London. December 10, 1868
  • First traffic lights installed (electric) : by Salt Lake City policeman Lester Wire. 1912
  • First traffic signal system installed : by the American Traffic Signal Company on the corner of 105th Street and Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio. August 5, 1914
  • First three-colour traffic lights installed : in New York and Detroit. 1920
  • First automatic traffic lights installed : in Wolverhampton, England. 1927
  • First official recognition of AIDS: Centers for Disease Control issued a press release describing five cases in Los Angeles. June 5, 1981
  • First person to be convicted by the process of DNA fingerprinting: Colin Pitchfork. 1988
  • First person to be exonerated by the process of DNA fingerprinting: Richard Buckland. 1988
  • First confirmation of an active volcanic eruption occurring on a seamount: by scientists at the University of Hawai‘i on Lo‘ihi in 1996
  • First " test-tube baby": Louise Brown, born July 25, 1978 in England.

Space Science
  • First artificial satellite launched into orbit: Sputnik 1. ( 1957)
  • First animal to orbit Earth: Laika. (1957)
  • First man in space: Yuri Gagarin. ( 1961)
  • First woman in space: Valentina Tereshkova.( 1963)
  • First spacewalk: Aleksei Leonov. ( 1965)
  • First human to walk on the Moon: Neil Armstrong (see Apollo 11). ( 1969)
  • First woman to perform a space walk: Svetlana Savitskaya. ( 1984)
  • First manned private spaceflight: SpaceShipOne piloted by Mike Melvill. June 21, 2004
  • First spacecraft to orbit Saturn: Cassini-Huygens. July 1, 2004

Sports - Contents

  • First footballer to be knighted: Sir Stanley Matthews, ( 1965)
  • First human to run a mile under 4 minutes: Roger Bannister, ( 1954)
  • First person to swim the English Channel: Matthew Webb, ( 1875)
  • First woman to swim the English Channel: Gertrude Ederle, ( 1926)
  • First Olympian disqualified for drug use: Hans-Gunnar Liljenwall at the 1968 Summer Olympics
  • First bungee jump: by four members of the Dangerous Sports Club led by David Kirke, from the 250ft Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol. 1 April 1979

Computers - Contents

  • First case of an algorithm written for a computer: Ada Byron's notes on the analytical engine written in 1842
  • First computer bug found: a moth trapped in a relay at the Computation Laboratory at Harvard, 1946
  • First programmable digital computer: Z3, 1941
  • First programmable electronic computer: Colossus, 1943
  • First programmer: Ada Lovelace (1815-1852)
  • First instant messenger: ICQ released in November, 1996
  • First usage of a webcam: Trojan room coffee pot, 1991

Law and Order - Contents

  • First victim of the punishment of hanging, drawing and quartering: Dafydd ap Gruffydd. October 3, 1283
  • First person to be executed by the guillotine: Nicolas J. Pelletier, highwayman. April 25, 1792
  • First instance of a murder captured live on television : Jack Ruby killing Lee Harvey Oswald. November 24, 1963. (See pic).

Literature - Contents

  • First novel about invasion: The Battle of Dorking (1871), by George Tomkyns Chesney.
  • First novel about spies: The Riddle of the Sands (1903), by Erskine Childers.
  • First american novel: ? The Last of the Mohicans, by James Fenimore Cooper.

Other - Contents

  • First person to wear a bikini: Micheline Bernardini. July 5, 1946
  • First person to put a surfing website on the Internet: Bruce Gabrielson. Spring 1993
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